January 10, 2019


This week for WHAT I'VE LEARNT ABOUT, I chatted to Alice Judge-Talbot who I met through the brilliant Southwood Social Hub. She’s a Digital Consultant, Writer and Single Mother and she recently brought out her debut book “The Back-Up Plan”.

It’s that time of the year where we reflect on how we do things and set intentions for the year ahead. We often want to do so much but where do we find the time? As someone that wears many hats and achieves so much, we wanted to find out what Alice has learnt about TIME MANAGEMENT…

“I’ve always said that, when it gets to the point in my business that I need to make permanent staffing hires, I would prefer to hire mothers. Going against the grain of the discrimination parents usually face at work, I reckon mothers are the ultimate multi-taskers.

As mums we have a huge amount of experience in running on a tiny amount of sleep, an uncanny ability to juggle carrot sticks, snotty noses and toilet accidents and we can diary manage like an actual boss. Yep, I truly think motherhood teaches you a load of invaluable skills that should mean as much as any work-based experience on your CV. I know that it’s taught me everything I know about time management, in fact, it’s completely turned my experiences with it upside down.

It’s a weird thing: if I have a whole day to get stuff done I will do anything but my to-do list. Time stretches ahead in an infinite abyss: I’ll sit at my desk, alternately staring into space and Googling Meghan Markle.

Yet if I have a packed day – meetings, drama performances, Brownie runs, school admin – I can get everything done and more.

Earlier this year I wrote a book while working full-time as a single parent: looking back on it I wonder where I squeezed everything in, but when you’re juggling your small people’s diaries as well as your own, you just do it.

That’s the secret to my productivity and time management – busyness. Keeping busy means I get shit done, and I feel happier through this productivity too, which in return spurs me on to work harder.

Which is all good unless you get so busy you hit burnout. But that’s a whole other conversation ;)”

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