Have you found your purpose?

August 08, 2019

Have you found your purpose?

You might call it your “Ikigai”, your “dharma” or even “your calling”. Working towards something that you are really passionate about and feeling fulfilled… isn’t that what most people want from life?

Growing up, I always wanted to “help” and my job aspirations as a little girl often reflected that with phases where I wanted to be a midwife or vet. But by the time I actually reached adulthood, I wasn’t so sure anymore and ended up following the path based on what I was good at, without considering what made me feel fulfilled for a long time.

In the Japanese concept of Ikigai (a reason for being), they believe that finding your purpose is about discovering a middle ground that ticks all of the below boxes:

  • What I love to do.
  • What I do well.
  • What the world needs.
  • What I can get paid to do.

 My career has been successful at times, but I didn’t always feel like I was really making the difference to the world that I wanted it to. Now after pivoting and launching my consultancy, I’m feeling more fulfilled than ever. When I’m working with a small business and helping its founder achieve their goals- it makes me so happy.

The industry you are in doesn’t have to hold you back from achieving your purpose. You just need to look at fashion brands Scamp & Dude or Selfish Mother who donate a % of their profits to brilliant worthwhile causes. Their Founders Molly and Jo are definitely bringing positive change to the world.

If your work isn’t ticking all your boxes but you can’t change careers, I don’t believe we’re limited to achieving our purpose through our job role alone. If you want to make a difference to the world and causes you care about, you could try mentoring, volunteering or working with different charities too.

If you believe you have found your purpose or are working towards finding it, I would love to hear about it! X 

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