July 08, 2020


When I hold a consultancy session, this is one of the first questions I always ask my clients to consider. Summarising your personal or business brand values in 3 words is an excellent exercise for clarifying exactly what is important to you and helping you to focus on exactly where to devote your energy. And if you can make it so that your brand values are similar to what’s important to you on a personal level, your business can help make you feel truly fulfilled.

If you are struggling to define your 3 words, it’s often enlightening to ask other people’s opinions. What words would one of your best friends use to describe you or your best customer use to describe your business? Ask them and find out! I did it a couple of years ago with a few of my friends and family and it was really interesting to hear their answers.

Once you have defined your 3 values, you can use them to help you to make decisions as you know what’s truly important to you. BORN AT DAWN’s values are SUPPORT, VISION and CLARITY and I often come back to them to remind myself exactly why I am doing what I am doing, to help me plan my customer communication and long term goals and much more. They keep it simple and help me remember exactly what’s important to me.

Do you have 3 words to describe your personal or business brand? If so, I would love to hear what they are in the comments below. If not, why not start to consider this today? If you have any question or need any support defining yours, get in touch (lucy@bornatdawn.com)… I’m always happy to help.  

Lucy x  

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