Lucy Knights Founder BORN AT DAWN

There are 2 different ways I can support you and your business: 


Have you got a new launch, project, event or business goal to plan and create a marketing or operational strategy for?  

I can help you take a step back, gain clarity and give you expert advice on next steps to support you to pull together a plan to make it a success. 

I offer an Introductory Consultation which costs £149 and includes:

  • A short introductory phone call to discuss your needs. 
  • Some preparation questions for you to answer beforehand send back to me via email.
  • A 1 hour Zoom call or phone call to discuss your goal and business. 
  • I then use my knowledge, experience and my business contacts (who are experts in their fields) to pull together a recommendations report for you which you receive via email. 

Following this, if you would like to continue to work with me and require further assistance with your project, I am more than happy to help and am available for flexible support (charged by the hour).


Are you feeling overwhelmed with your workload and you need some ongoing support to help you achieve your goals and grow your business? 

Me and my team of flexible assistants are available to help! 

I completely understand what it's like to run your own business, which is why I have recruited a small team to help me to help you! They are all-rounders, generalists with a variety of different skills and many of them have run their own business so completely know where you are coming from.

We can provide Flexible Virtual Ongoing Support whenever you need it with tasks like: 

  • Social media support
  • Content creation
  • Customer newsletters
  • Setting up websites on Shopify
  • Uploading products or services on to your Shopify website and keeping it up to date
  • Research for business projects
  • Customer service

    We charge by the hour (price on request) and you can simply request how many hours you need support with each week. 

    Click here to contact me for more details and to book a consultation or flexible ongoing virtual assistance to help you with your business. (lucy@bornatdawn.com)