October 04, 2018


This week we launch our new feature for BORN AT DAWN LIFE... "What I've learnt about..." Its an opportunity to listen to a strong, inspirational woman's viewpoint on a topic and hear the lessons they've learnt along the way. 

Nicola Washington is a co-founder of "Make Motherhood Diverse", a movement to challenge the single story of motherhood and represent it more truthfully and inclusively. Today she shares what she's learnt about Diversity...

"The first thing I learned when we started Make Motherhood Diverse, is that of course, "diversity" is the wrong word - what we're working for is inclusion, representation, normality. If we had our time again I think we probably wouldn't use the word "diverse" as we now understand it doesn't capture exactly what we mean. Motherhood already is diverse, as is life of course, but the problem is that representations of motherhood in the mainstream are not inclusive. 

Nicola Washington_Too Much Mothering Information_ Make Motherhood Diverse_Candice Braithwaite

The second thing I've learned is that once you've opened your eyes to how the norm is to frame motherhood as a cis, straight, white, able-bodied, middle-class experience, you start to see it everywhere! You start to notice how this plays out on a wider stage - how the world in general is unbalanced in terms of who is given a platform to speak, who is listened to vs who is dismissed, and how scared and defensive some people become when it is suggested to them that perhaps they had an unearned head start on their path, that hard work isn't the only factor in how successful a person becomes.

I've also learned how there is no finish line with this stuff - it isn't a box we can tick and move on. By its nature, inclusion has to be ever-expanding and evolving. And this is ok. Not knowing all the answers is ok. The problems arise when we shut down to the possibility that what we are told is the truth is not the full story." 

Make Motherhood Diverse_What I've learnt about Diversity_Nicola Washington_Too Much Mothering Information

Thank you so much for sharing Nicola. We love what you are doing. x 

You can follow Nicola at @toomuchmotheringinformation on Instagram and follow Make Motherhood Diverse at @makemotherhooddiverse. 

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