November 27, 2018


This week for #WhatIveLearntAbout, I chatted to Alice and Phanella from The Step Up Club. I’ve heard these two speak a number of times and read their amazing book and they never fail to inspire me. Today they share with us what they’ve learnt about CONFIDENCE…

"Confidence is THE biggie. It’s the missing link between what we want to achieve – our goals – and what we actually do – our outcomes. Plus, it’s the one thing that everyone we meet wants to work on.

The brilliant news is that confidence isn’t a personality trait. It’s not like being small or having brown hair. Confidence is just a state of mind and, as such, it’s something each and every one of us has the power to build.

That’s easy for us to write. But how do you actually go about building your self-belief. The answer is two-fold:

ONE: You build it from the inside out. Each negative belief we hold about ourselves chips away at the confidence we have. Counteract this by finding evidence to the contrary. Each time your negative belief is proven wrong you write it down in your brag file. Get great feedback from a client? Straight in the brag file. Ditto a compliment from a colleague or project win. Now re-read those warm fuzzies at a set time each day or week. Over time, this evidence will become too compelling to ignore. Your negative belief will be proven wrong and your mind will have no choice but to start believing in itself.

TWO: Work on it from the outside in. Now this is not about faking anything. But we are advocates of confidence begetting more confidence. Behave confidently – stand tall, speak slowly, listen carefully – and the reaction you evoke will change. As others see your tangible self-belief, good things will start to come your way.  Hey presto, you’ll have no choice but to believe in your brilliance too."

If you want to find out more about Alice and Phanella's brilliant career and confidence “Step Up School”, then please click here to learn all about how you can be part of their inner circle and develop and grow with their training and masterclasses. 

Alice and Phanella The Step Up Club School Inner Circel

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