November 02, 2018


Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending a GRL PWR GANG event at The Shop at Bluebird in collaboration with new brand PHVLO. When I got the invite and started researching PHVLO I was intrigued by the brand and loved their brand concept.

PHVLO is all about slow, season-less fashion and introduces women to the concept of a 25-hour day, meaning that you will feel like you have an extra hour in the day due to ease of their pieces both to style and wear. They have great transparency on their production process with the pieces designed in London and made by skilled workers that are paid a fair wage in Hong Kong.

The Founder Joanna Ho has designed the collection with some key elements in mind. Each piece has beautiful details and construction to make it flattering and elongating and all pieces are breathable to make them comfortable to wear. They are also machine washable, anti-pilling, anti-scent so perfect if you want to wear for a long time, from day-to-night and even for your workout.

When I looked through the collection on the night, there were so many pieces that had surprise features- jackets that were reversible, sleeves that could be zipped off, removable belts and a festival jacket that could be zipped off in half to create a shorter version. My favourite piece was the red rain repelling trench coat that had a removable belt which also serves as a cross body bag.

After browsing the collection, there was a discussion on “How to be a Good Influence” hosted by GRL PWR Founder Kirsti Hadley. PHVLO Founder Joanna was on the panel along with three other super inspirational women...

  • Gina Martin who has been on a campaign to make upskirting illegal after being subjected to it at a festival in 2017 when she was 25. She and her friends rejected the advances of 2 guys and later she saw them laughing at their phone and she realised they had taken a photo up her skirt. Gina snatched the phone and took it to security who forwarded to the police but she soon realised that there was no law to protect her and there was nothing they could do so she took the matter into her own hands and has been campaigning ever since. She got the governments backing for the law change in June this year and is almost at the final stages of making it illegal.
  • Eunice Olumide MBE is a Scottish Supermodel, Actress & Curator. She’s a philanthropist who has broken down boundaries in many areas and works with various charities, many for children and young people and is Founder of Olumide Gallery. She was scouted by Select modelling agency age 15 whilst visiting family in London and worked as model taking a break for University. After reflecting on her career so far, she realised there was not a book for models and people working in the fashion industry that was honest and told it how it really was. She wanted to offer useful advice, so she set about writing the book “How to get into Fashion” offering a complete guide which comes out later this year. 
  • Daisy Kendrick is Founder of “Ocean Generation”. After studying political science and economics and spending time as an advisor for the United Nations, she decided she wanted to use her influence to make a real difference and founded the global collective created to safeguard the future of our planet. She focuses on curating arts, culture and news to bring people up to speed with ocean and climate change threats, helping to encourage them to change their lifestyle.

Joanna, Gina, Eunice and Daisy are all amazing examples of people disrupting things for the better and changing the world but what were their tips to help us make the difference too?

They spoke about how sometimes it can feel like you are a little fish in a big ocean and it’s hard to feel like you can make an impact but you really do. Choose some small things to do differently to start for instance Daisy recommended if you can’t face being vegan all the time, how about having 2 or 3 days a week where you eat no meat which will still help the environment. Small changes by everyone collectively can make a huge difference.

Gina spoke about how if you feel passionately about changing something- just go for it! She said she knew absolutely nothing about changing a law but decided to do it, threw herself in and learnt along the way. Passion and dedication to a cause is infectious.

Thanks so much for having me GRL PWR! Check out more about their events here.

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