February 10, 2018


This week’s #BORNATDAWNMUSE is American singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks, known as The Queen of Rock and Roll. Born in 1948 in Arizona to her corporate executive father and homemaker mother, she showed an early aptitude for music and was taught to sing aged 4 by her grandfather.

 Stevie spent her teens playing records, she wrote her first song aged 16 and joined her first band in high school. During her senior year she met future musical and romantic partner, Lindsey Buckingham, and replaced the lead singer in his band Fritz in 1967.

The pair went on to join Fleetwood Mac in 1975 who achieved worldwide success with their self-titled studio album. It featured the track ‘Rhiannon’, written by Stevie a few years before, which was voted one of Rolling Stone’s ‘500 Greatest Songs of All Time’. In 1977 the band released ‘Rumours’ and her track ‘Dreams’ was their biggest hit. Unfortunately, their success coincided with Nicks’ and Buckingham’s volatile relationship deteriorating and Stevie developing a serious cocaine addiction. This was then followed with her having a long term addiction to tranquillisers.

Stevie’s style has an enduring appeal with her unique brand of boho paving the way for today’s modern muses. In 1975 she partnered with designer Margi Kent to shape her onstage look and is synonymous with a feminine aesthetic and free-spirited vibe. Signature pieces include bell sleeves, high rise jeans, billowing dresses and glossy capes. She has an affinity with fabrics including silk chiffons, lace and velvet. In the song ‘Gypsy’ she sings about the San Francisco store ‘Velvet Underground’ where her iconic style began.

Fleetwood Mac continued to release music from the late ‘70s through to the ‘00s and Stevie also continuously released her own Grammy-nominated solo work. She was honoured with a BMI Icon Award in 2014 and she continues to perform and collaborate with other artists.

At 69, the hugely gifted rock icon is as alluring and idiosyncratic as ever and her music and style continues to influence many to this day.


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