September 22, 2016


This week we look to 60's star Nico as our muse. Born in war torn Germany in 1938 as Christa Paeffgen, she was scouted for a modelling job in Ibiza for the photographer Herbert Tobias whilst working in a department store in Berlin.

Her modelling career took her all over the world and she starred in many films. During that period, she became pregnant by Alain Delon, a popular French actor. They did not stay together and she became a single mother which it’s claimed at times she struggled with.

Shortly after having her son, she landed a starring role in ‘Striptease’ and sang for the first time on the title track written by Serge Gainsbourg. Unfortunately, the film was a flop but it sparked her singing career and she was signed up by Andrew Loog Oldham, the Stones Manager.

She then headed to New York where she had a brief affair with Bob Dylan who introduced her to Andy Warhol and the Factory. It was Warhol’s idea to give her a role in the band he managed, The Velvet Underground which is what she is probably most famous for.

She was a controversial figure at times, haunted by drug addiction and labelling herself a compulsive liar. Her style however, was iconic and still is an inspiration today. With her willowy figure, eye skimming fringe and icy cool composure she loved to wear an androgynous look. She oftern opted for suits and clean line, known as the ‘modern look’ in the sixties. "I have a habit of leaving places at the wrong time, just when something big may have happened for me”

Sadly, this rang true when she died in an accident in 1988 aged 49 although her influence continues to live on…

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