September 09, 2016


This weeks muse is Fashion Designer Isabel Marant.

How can you not admire somebody who when asked by the Telegraph a couple of years ago where she got inspiration from, she replied “It is true that I am my own muse.”? She has always had this approach in her work and never designs anything that she would not wear herself.

She always wanted to be original. She was christened Isabelle (pronounced Isabella in French) but swiftly dropped the last syllable of her name in year 6 of school when she discovered four of her classmates had the same name.

She was a tomboy growing up and was into the grunge scene as a teenager. In 1982, tired of not being able to find any clothes she wanted to wear, she asked her father for a sewing machine and began to make pieces out of discarded clothing and fabric. At that point, she wasn’t interested in fashion and says she did not really know what it was. However, she had started to make clothes for others and the money she was earning was enough to make her reconsider her plans to study economics and take up design at Fashion School.

One of the original pioneers of bohemian chic, her style has been described as rock and roll global traveller and her early inspiration came from music and childhood trips to Asia, Africa, India and the Caribbean. She describes it as simple but not minimal and feminine but grounded by the masculine. Her personal style uniform is a pair of tight jeans, a pair of flat shoes and a simple top with a good jacket or coat.

Half of France’s favourite fashion couple, she is married to the talented accessories designer Jerome Dreyfuss. Isabel says that although fashion is what they love and do well, they have so many things in our life besides this.

BORN AT DAWN loves how they remain down to earth despite the massive success of both of their brands and practice gratitude. Most weekends they escape with their son to a cabin in the forest outside Paris with no electricity and no hot water.
“It makes you realise you don’t need a lot to be happy in life”.
We completely agree…

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