September 30, 2016


This week our muse is the supermodel, actress, entrepreneur and activist…IMAN.

She is an idol to many and is described as the first Black Supermodel. Jourdan Dunn recently cited her as her most inspiring icon in an interview with Stylist Magazine.
Discovered in 1975, she made it into Vogue the following year on her first assignment. She said she hadn’t even read Vogue at that point as she preferred the magazines TIME and Newsweek.

She has had to battle against racism along the way. Photographer Peter Beard (who discovered her in the city of Nairobi where she was studying) told people he stumbled across her in the jungle as he thought it would create a buzz. She had never even seen a jungle. Somalia, where she is originally from, was a desert.

When interviewed, she found journalists were asking Peter the questions, assuming she did not speak English, when she could speak 6 languages (English being one of them). She spoke out about racism and campaigned against it throughout her modelling career.

She has been hailed as a pioneer in cosmetics. After almost 2 decades of modelling and seeing make-up artists struggling to match her skin tone at times, Iman started her own cosmetic brand focusing on difficult-to-find shades for women in 1994.

She married her third husband, the legend, David Bowie in 1992 and was with him until his recent death. He described meeting her as love at first sight and said he had never gone after anything in his life with such passion as he knew she was the one.

BORN AT DAWN particularly loves her philanthropic work. She is involved in many charities, including many focused on children’s welfare- Keep a Child Alive, Children’s Defence Fund and Save the Children and works to help end the trade in conflict minerals, including being a key part in a campaign against blood diamonds. A truly admirable woman.

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