February 14, 2019


Our BORN AT DAWN MUSE this week goes out to the incredible Eunice Olumide. I met Eunice MBE, a Scottish Supermodel, Actress & Curator at a GRLPWR event a couple of months ago. She’s a philanthropist who has broken down boundaries in many areas and works with various charities, many for children and young people and is Founder of Olumide Gallery and Author of the book "How to Get into Fashion"

Last week she appeared on BBC Question Time and was asked about Liam Neeson’s recent controversial comments and the way she spoke about such powerful matters in such a calm, eloquent way completely transfixed everyone watching.

She talked about there being an elephant in the room and how the collective amnesia in society driven by the government and lack of education in schools about the transatlantic slave trade and colonialism affects everything. Reminding us that after 400 years of slavery and torture, a huge amount of compensation was given to the slave “owners” rather than the victims and how this has had lasting effects in society.

She also discussed how important it is for people to start a conversation and be honest about their belief system as that’s the only way we can discuss, progress and change things. Her empathy and heartfelt words made a huge impact and if you haven’t watched yet- you absolutely must. Click here to watch now.

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