October 17, 2016


We’re starting off our week with some muse motivation through one of our favourites… Edie Sedgwick.

With her signature look of breton stripes, leopard print, opaque tights and heavy eye make-up, she was a true icon of the sixties. Unfortunately, her amazing style was matched with a turbulent life.

Born in Southern California in 1943 into a very rich and troubled family. Her father, Francis abused her growing up and the children were seldom allowed to leave the house and were tutored at home. By the time Edie left California to go to college in Boston, she had already spent time in mental hospitals, suffered from anorexia and had an abortion.

College didn’t last for long, as Edie became bored and decided to move to New York where she moved in with her Grandmother. At 21, she came into money of her own and bought a flat.

In 1965, Edie met Andy Warhol. They loved each other’s company and became inseparable friends. She was often at the Factory, Warhol’s famous loft papered with aluminium foil which in the night time was host to many wild debauch parties. The Velvet Underground (Warhol’s band) wrote a song about her “Femme Fatale” and she starred in various films. Unfortunately, during this time, she became addicted to drugs, particularly cocaine and heroin.

In addition to the money needed for her habit, she never took a taxi, only limousines and was terrible managing money. This meant her inheritance eventually ran out. Following her father’s death in 1967, it was a downward spiral with her stealing her Grandmother’s antiques and even turning to prostitution for drug money. She had a glimmer of positivity when marrying student Michael Post in 1971, but only 4 months later he sadly found her dead next to him one morning just 28 years old. It could never be determined if it was an accident or an suicidal overdose.

Her life may have been short, but her style and image influenced a whole generation and still inspires many today.

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