January 30, 2017


This week our muse is the icon and model, Betty Catroux. She was born in Paris in 1945 to a Brazilian-born French socialite and an American diplomat.

Her life changed as a young model when she met Saint Laurent in a nightclub in the 1960s. They instantly connected and had such a strong bond. He referred to her as his twin sister and his female incarnation. She was his muse and the inspiration behind many of his collections and they remained good friends until his death in 2008.

Known for her long white blond hair and gaunt, androgynous appearance, she claimed she had no interest in fashion and did not have any desire to dress like a woman. She just wore what she wanted and had always done so. Despite this, she has a strong signature style that came naturally to her and included leather jackets, tailoring, breton stripes and statement sunglasses.

Betty Catroux continues to inspire many modern day designers today including Tom Ford. He said she was a great form of inspiration for him, once dedicating his Debut Rive Gauche collection to her when he designed for YSL.

In 1976 when Victor Hugo asked what she did, she famously replied “nothing” and many years later her answer has still not changed. “I do what I want, when I want, I am completely free”. She she says that Paris is the best place to do nothing. “It doesn’t have the same energy as New York but has much more charm.” So that’s where you’ll find her today in her neighbourhood on the Rive Gauche. Sounds pretty good to us.

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