February 16, 2018


This week for #BORNATDAWNLIFE, we are discussing why introversion should be celebrated - not fixed - and is a powerful trait for productivity. We’re inspired by the 11th-most-watched TED Talk of all time to date, ‘The Power Of Introverts’ by Susan Cain who makes a strong case for the quiet and contemplative.

It is estimated that a third to half of the population are introverts. Introversion can be misconstrued as shyness but many introverts socialise easily - they just prefer to get energy from themselves and ideas and visions inside their head. Extroverts crave large amounts of stimulation, whereas introverts often feel most switched on when they are in calmer, quieter spaces and often solitude unleashes their creativity. Experts claim that many great influencers were introverts including Gandhi and Bill Gates.

So if you are an introvert…

  • Don’t feel bad about missing out on social events or needing ‘me’ time, it’s crucial for you to recharge to be at your full potential and be the best you.
  • Don’t worry about not always being the one always doing the talking in social or work situations. People love good listeners and often introverts speak less but with true conviction, meaning they are equally engaging as they truly believe in what they are saying. If you do struggle to speak up in meetings or groups at work, make sure you go to the meeting fully prepared and ensure you speak up at the beginning so you make yourself part of the dialogue from the start to make it easier.

Whether you are an extrovert or introvert, to maximise our talents we should be aware of this and put ourselves in the stimulation zone that’s right for us. If you are an introvert, giving yourself time alone to work, think and recharge could increase creativity, make you worker harder AND be good for your soul.

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