February 05, 2018


Are you yearning to change something in your life? But scared to take the big leap?

For this week’s #BORNATDAWNLIFE, we're discussing how making a career change or life decision can be terrifying, but it’s the scary bits we learn most from. Marisa Bate recently wrote for The Pool about the concept of ‘jumping’ into a new life decision after hearing a talk by Mike Lewis who wrote ‘When to Jump- If the Job You Have Isn’t The Life You Want’.

‘Jumpers’ leave a comfortable career or life path and choose to follow their passion instead. Mike jumped at 24, from a high-earning finance job to a professional squash player. He spent two years pursuing his dream. He was broke, living on other people’s sofas, but ultimately happy and content.

This was this part that interested Marisa the most. So it was not about WHAT you become, a lot of the fulfillment comes from the journey and following your dreams. Mike collected many stories - from single parents to millennials to immigrants - who had successfully jumped and the path they took there.

Making any kind of life change - going freelance, moving to a different city or ending a relationship can be challenging at times. It might drain your bank account, raise eyebrows among friends or be lonely at times. Yet, it’s this part - the hard work and striving towards a personal goal- that makes it meaningful.

Mike’s tips for making the decision about a life leap, include:

  • Listen to your inner voice. Research your idea and reach out to people with a story to tell.
  • Make a practical plan. Consider what you want to achieve, how and when. Put in the hard work and commit to what you believe in. 
  • Don’t look back. If you’ve prepared, what’s the worst that can happen? Believe in your own good luck and don’t be afraid of falling.

Dreams and jumps come at a price. As Marisa says, ‘the hard and challenging and lonely and tough and even the boring is the substance’. So, you have to go through the struggle that allows your dream to become real and worthwhile.

Have you recently ‘jumped? How does it feel and are you glad you did it?

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