May 03, 2018


Are you tired of being knocked down by life’s challenges? Do you wish you were stronger in a crisis and generally more optimistic?

For this week’s #BORNATDAWNLIFE we are focusing on resilience, how we deal with adversity and exploring ways to bounce back from the tough times. We’re inspired by Marisa Bate’s recent piece for The Pool.

Life is full of challenges; whether at work, home or the general stress associated with modern lifestyles. In her article Marisa explores how experiences like getting through the day despite crippling period pain or feeling regular ‘imposter syndrome’ means resilience can be innate in women.

Jane McGonigal, author of Super Better, defines resilience ‘as being stronger in the face of adversity, being more determined, courageous, creative, and optimistic’. However, people deal with challenging situations differently; some brush off a mistake at work or know what action to take in moments of stress. Those with low resilience tend to ‘catastrophise’, jump to the worst-case scenario or explain stressful events pessimistically such ‘as it’s all my fault’.

Research shows we’re more likely to demonstrate low resilience when run down or stressed. Conversely, when we’re emotionally strong we remain calm and proactive in difficult situations, have more emotional resources to support others like our partner or children and feel more confident.

Hannah Martin writing for Talented Ladies Club offers some advice on how to stay emotionally strong and more resilient, including:

  • Behave productively - Avoid staying in a ‘why me?’ scenario for long; allow some self-pity then focus on productive steps instead.
  • Find motivation - During times of inertia try to re-identify your purpose (i.e. why you started your business) or practice gratitude.
  • Control negativity - Don’t let discouraging thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough’ control your emotions. Steer your mind to more positive ones; with practice it may become your default.

Being resilient could protect your health, career and relationships. As Jane said ‘You can’t make your life perfect, but you can be the kind of person who, when obstacles pop up or crises hit, has the strength to face them and thrive’. 

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