February 21, 2018


Are you green fingered or do you dream of having indoor plants but not sure where to begin?

For this week’s #BORNATDAWNLIFE, we're talking about the current fascination with house plants. They are not just a key interiors trend, they also have great benefits for your health and the planet. We’re inspired by Kieran Yates, writing recently for Grazia.

 ‘Every time you kill a plant, you feel bad. It’s a reminder that maybe you don’t have your shit together’ says Gynelle Lyon, founder of PRICK, East London’s first succulent and cacti specialist. As well as being a sensible grown-up, keeping plants reflects societal attitudes towards wellbeing and sustainability. Looking at plants is also claimed by experts to be calming and good for our mental health.

The perennial nature of plants also appeals. Cacti can outlive humans, so nurturing them for years is the essence of sustainability. Indoor plants can also help people who crave space, mentally and physically, and create a satisfying connection to the outdoors.

Having plants makes air-quality scientists of us all, but for some it goes deeper on a personal level, offering a proactive solution to decreasing mental health. People have ecotherapy based on the principle that connecting to nature, through gardening for example, is cathartic and calming.

Leyla Husseyin of Bloom of the Block offers some great tips on nurturing a green space:

  • If plant care doesn’t come naturally or time is precious, stick to a larger focal plant in one room and devote all your attention to it.
  • Treat the purchase of a good quality plant like investing in a statement piece for your wardrobe; one great item can be transformative.
  • Easy-care plants include ‘Monstera’ - they grow up and wide with lovely uncurling new leaves and purify the air and ‘ZZ (Zamioculcas)' - a beautifully tough plant requiring minimal attention apart from some light dusting.
  • Don’t over water your plants - this can cause root rot. Check the topsoil before you water and wait if it’s still a little damp to the touch.

Join the green revolution - it could give you a sense of calm, improve air quality and simply but beautifully enhance your home. If you want to get more botanical inspiration- check out the beautiful feeds of Jungalow and House Plant Club too. 

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