June 04, 2018


Is there a pile of unread books on your bedside table? Do you struggle to find time to read or fall asleep after a few words?

Many women I know are the same so this week we are exploring why we’re reading less, the benefits of a good book and simple ways to fit reading into our busy lives. We’re inspired by Roanna Day's recent article for Red Magazine.
Roanna highlights a common issue; our tendency to rely on holidays to read rather than making every month a literary one. Almost 3/4 of UK people cite ‘not having enough time’ as the main reason why they don’t read more.

Research shows that technology can shorten attention spans. It’s not uncommon to read for 10 minutes before reaching for a smartphone and frequent internet use affects information processing, leading us to skim-read. While the benefits of reading include improved literacy, increased emotional intelligence and an active brain.

Yet in the information age, with over 700 million websites at the click of a button, we often abandon quality reading time for social media and use the commute or precious gaps during the day to catch up on messages / emails. The art of reading, one of life’s greatest pleasures, has become a luxury as we prioritise other commitments.

Lija Kresowaty from Book Choice offers some useful tips on how to fit more reading into our life, including:

  • Find your optimum reading time. If you struggle staying awake at night, try setting your alarm half an hour earlier in the morning to read or devour a few pages in your lunch break. 
  • Consider a switch to audiobooks, perfect for the time-poor bibliophile. Listen while commuting, running or cooking and tackle your to-do list as well as the latest bestseller. 
  • Enlist a book buddy; like a friend, partner of relative. Choose a book, agree a deadline and fix a date over drinks to discuss. This provides a motivating goal as well as a social event and expands your reading list.
Stephen King describes reading as a “uniquely portable magic”. By recognising the health benefits of reading and finding ways to fit it into a busy life all year round, you too can rediscover your own magic…

Do you get chance to read? And if you do, how do you squeeze it in to your busy life? x

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