May 14, 2017


How's your home looking? Any areas you are desperate to redecorate but you just don't have the time to think or know where to start?

For BORN AT DAWN LIFE this week we spoke to interior design expert Lisa Mettis, Founder of BORN AND BRED STUDIO and she kindly shared her tips for getting the motivation and inspiration to get going. Find all her top tips below...

  1. Find inspiration…everywhere. There is so much choice today that it can be crippling just making a decision. First step..think about what you would like to achieve from your space. What spaces have you been in recently that you loved? Why did you love it?…How did it make you feel? This could be the local pub or a shop dressing room. Start collating ideas on Pinterest or Houzz. You’ll soon see a theme coming together.
  2. Think about budget. Its costly, disruptive and time consuming hiring designers and tradesmen and something you will probably invest in every 7-10 years. Think about budget and costs per wears! (Yes the same analogy you applied for the Burberry Mac or Acne boots!). If your going to be sitting on that sofa twice a day for the next ten years and more importantly look at it for that long…invest in what you really want...spend the extra. Save on the changeable like textiles, artwork and Nik knacks . Hiring a designer will actually save you money in the long run as you have an expert opinion on big purchase item which your unlikely to hate once delivered!
  3. Planning - Priorities what needs doing to cause minimal disruption further down the line. Work with your builder or designer to a scope of works. Your builder will manage the tradesman and timeframe. Your designer will manage deliveries and will work towards the final look you created together. Planning everything down to the vase nest to your bed! 
  4. Push yourself out of your comfort zone - choose something for your interior that pushes your boundaries. Your home your rules never consider how others may perceive your home…they don’t have to live there. Relook at all your favourite images. I bet there is an item or effect in each picture you never considered for your home but thats the reason why that picture appealed to you. Go for it! Also allow yourself to be impractical in places in your home. When you examine these pics…are they practical? No..Are they beautiful yes! A stack of vintage suitcases can make a great bedside table…some may see it as impractical others as a beautiful individual detail to their home.
  5. Don’t get decorators fatigue - so you’ve painted (or the builders have just left) your exhausted your glad its all over your sick of it. Do not fall at the last hurdle! This is where the magic happens! Rethink what goes back into that room. Do you really need the paperbacks your never going to read? Have you ebayed/charity or gifted…if not make three piles and make sure nothing unnecessary enters the new room. Then collate or shop for a few things that will update the space. New bedding, plants, secondary lighting. Its a new fresh space and with a few little buys and a couple of little vignettes the room will have new focal points and a completed fresh look.

Now pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy your space.

Check out Lisa's website BORN AND BRED STUDIO. She's got fantastic solutions to support busy families to create beautiful spaces. Thanks for reading x 


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