July 10, 2018


Does holiday heaven mean packing hell for you? If so… we have help!

For this week’s #BORNATDAWNLIFE, @materialwhirl is embracing minimalist travel and learning how to nail the art of clever packing. We’re inspired by Alyssa Coscarelli’s recent article for Refinery29.

Alyssa is a self-confessed ‘over-packer’. She travels with *all* of her jewellery and reserves hand-luggage exclusively for accessories. She acknowledges that if you’re into fashion and love planning day-by-day looks, its stressful to know what to take. 

Overestimating how much we actually need to take on holiday, and returning with half the case unworn, is a common packing mistake. Alyssa discovered on a recent trip that heels that don’t go with everything were left in the case while easily flung-on dresses - no need for ‘steaming, styling or second-thoughts’ - were a winner. 

Whether long haul or city break, adopting a few simple habits can ease the pain of pre-holiday prep. Minimal packing can avoid excess charges, free up precious airport time and declutter the mind as well as the case. You may feel more confident and self-reliant as you breeze through the airport without a bulging, heavy case.

Lifestyle brand Mindbodygreen has some great tips to help pack like a minimalist:

  • Make a detailed, specific list; map out clothes, shoes etc for each day and rigidly stick to it with just 1 or 2 extras overall. Anything else is superfluous.
  • Be an outfit-repeater with switched-up jewellery, pack neutral pieces that go with a good shoe and avoid stuff you’d never wear at home - stick to what you love.
  • Layers are key, and take a summer scarf in your hand luggage; it’s a neck-warmer on chilly flights, a pillow for a car-nap, an emergency blanket/napkin and livens up a plain tee.
  • If there’s time before a long trip, do a ‘practice run’; check the weight then edit. You’ll be less anxious and surprised how easy it feels to ditch that ‘just-in-case ’top.

Even for those with an aversion to travelling too light, the simpler the packing, the more enjoyable the trip… and no more sitting on a bulging suitcase praying it will shut. Happy holidays!

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