December 14, 2016


This week our BORN AT DAWN FOCUS is on Rosie Davies, Agency Director at PR Group The London Fashion Agency. Rosie launched The London Fashion Agency in 2013, and focused on making PR accessible and affordable for independent brands. She has achieved so much in her twenties, resulting in her recently winning Great British Creative Entrepreneur of the Year and being named in ELLE as one of the top female entrepreneurs under 30. 

We spoke to her about her life… 

Why did you decide to set up The London Fashion Agency?
I don’t think I ever made the conscious decision to start an agency. I interned and freelanced for independent brands doing graphics and social media. I was so passionate about how much difference one person can make to a small difference. I’d never done PR before but was given a pile of magazines and asked to call them up and pitch in product. I fell instantly in love with product placement in magazines and how the awareness it creates. I decided to call us (just me at the time) The London Fashion Agency to make clients believe in the coverage we could achieve… little did I know that was the start of what it now is today. 

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Honest. Gritty. Tousled. 

What makes you happy?
A glass of wine in the evening! No, I can’t pick one. Our clients, team, friends, family, animals and spending time with my partner; all of the above. 

Who and what inspires you?
The women in business I meet along the way. Oh my Gosh – Amazing, amazing Women who have created amazing businesses. I particularly inspired by my two friends Pheobe Gormley of Gormley and Gamble and Charlotte Pearce of Inkpact. They are young hungry boss babes. 

How do you personally define success?
Make a difference and be happy in what you do. 

You seem like you're really busy, how do you cope and manage to juggle it all?
We have the most amazing team. The LFA girls are so loyal and embrace anything that comes their way. I couldn’t do this without them I’m really trying to nail my time management at the moment. I have lists and work through them each day. I did a Time Management course recently - I recommend it. I work long hours but I never feel like I don’t want to do it.
I also try and do gymnastics once per week - I’m a terrible tumbler but it’s great to focus on something else. Time to relax and quality time spent doing something else is really important and increases productivity during the week. 

What’s been your biggest lesson?
To stay true to myself and not try and be all things to all people. 

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
It was actually something Mariam from Mentor Matcher said at an event - “The moment you think you’ve ‘made it’, is the moment you’ll fail”. 

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