November 14, 2017


Our focus this week is on Hannah Beaumont Laurencia, Founder of Beaumont Organic and 49 Hilton Street. We recently held a shopping event at Hannah’s new store in Manchester with Emma from Crave Personal Styling and it was such a pleasure to meet Hannah and learn all about her initiatives.

Hannah was a trailblazer in the organic and sustainable movement when she set up the brand. She also set up The Beaumont Organic Foundation a number of years ago following a trip to Fiji where she helped to teach school children and was shocked by living conditions and lack of resources in schools. The Foundation means that 1% of Beaumont Organic’s annual profits go to helping the people and children on the island of Taveuni where she was based.

We asked Hannah a few questions about her life...

Why did you decide to set up Beaumont Organic?

I set up Beaumont Organic due to a realisation of the ramifications of fast fashion, which lead to a desire to make beautiful clothes that not only felt and looked great but were also benefiting the farmers, factory workers and importantly the environment.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Happy, ambitious and hard working

What makes you happy?

Doing a job I love with people I love and spending my spare time with my gorgeous family and friends. 

Travel is also a huge part of my life which makes we very happy - I love to explore new cities either on business or holiday

Who and what inspires you?

 I am constantly inspired by my family and friends and their journeys. I am surrounded by inspirational people creating lives they love. In fashion, iconic brands like Chanel are huge inspirations. 

How do you personally define success?

Success is setting a goal and accomplishing it - no matter the size. 

You seem like you're very busy, how do you cope and manage to juggle it all?

Hmmm… I have an amazing team and supportive husband. I do juggle a lot - too much sometimes but I thrive off being busy and new exciting ventures.


What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

If at first you don’t succeed, try try try again! (my mum used to say it to me all the time when I was young and struggling at school with constant bad grades and severe dyslexia).

What’s been your biggest lesson?

Follow your own dreams, make your own decisions and listen to your intuition 


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