November 25, 2016


This week’s BORN AT DAWN FOCUS is on Clemmie Telford. We have so much admiration for this woman. She is Creative Director at Grey London, has a fantastic blog “The Mother of All Lists” and a hilarious and honest Instagram feed. She’s obviously is also a fantastic Mum and we love how she consistently uses her influence for good causes, supporting charities such as Movember and Mental Health Mates.

We asked her a few questions about her life to try and uncover the secret …

Describe yourself in 3 words…
Hungry (for life but mainly for dinner).

What makes you happy?
Hanging with my boys. Eating nice food. Ideally both at the same time.

Who and what inspires you?
So many people. The guest list feature on Mother of All List has taught me to value other people's stories. Being a grown-up is tough, especially when you add kids into the mix; we can all gain from sharing our experiences. Crying and laughing together is empowering and massively therapeutic.
More specifically I love Life of Pea on Instagram, she lost her son Winter a year ago, but the way she has documented her emotional journey is inspiring.
Mother Pukka for being funny, intelligent, brave and humble.
Constance Hall. Total hero.
Ahhhh now I've started mentioning people and now I can’t stop, so many great people out there..

How do you personally define success?
Doing something that makes my soul and my family happy.

You are obviously very busy, how do you cope and manage to juggle it all?
I don't!! No, I am big on boundaries and routine. Sounds SO dull. But I get up at the same time (unless my kids are being really pesky), get the same train etc etc all the way through to going to bed at 10 nearly every night.
Though I am juggling a million different things at once, there is a method somewhere amongst the madness.

What’s been your biggest life or career lesson?
I’ve really only just understood the benefit of networking. But that shit is real. Go for lunch. Go for coffee. Meet up with people. Have a chat. Keep talking. It’s amazing how often those conversations turn into something. Maybe not immediately but in time. It’s powerful.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
My granny always says: “Better 5 minutes late in this life, than 5 minutes early in the next.” Solid advice, especially when feeling cross on the roads of London when you can’t get anywhere.
And I love my @theyesmummum card which says “Everything is going to be ok.” This has guided me many times.

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