October 06, 2016


Our BORN AT DAWN FOCUS this week is on the MEGA Anna Whitehouse of Mother Pukka who we absolutely love. She makes us either laugh or cry on a daily basis with her incredibly honest insights into life and has a wicked way with words.

She is currently working to promote and encourage companies to offer flexible working through her “FLEX APPEAL” campaign. This recently led to her wearing neon, fronting a flash mob and dancing to a reworked Salt and Pepa “Let’s talk about flex” in Trafalgar Square. True dedication! Check out the hilarious video on her feed.

We asked her a few questions about her life… 

What makes you happy? Going on the Tube with my daughter Mae (outside of rush hour) and playing secret games to kill the time. Like, the one where she has to tell me what she thinks people are called on the train. It’s like people watching but from a toddler’s perspective. We get ‘Gary’ a lot – for boys and girls - no idea why. •

Who and what inspires you?
Not slebs; I feel too detached from them. It’s mostly parents really. Just seeing how each and every one of us makes it all work. I am obsessed with finding out how other people keep the small humans alive while pulling in cash. •

How do you personally define success?
Being in control of your time. I’m not looking to make millions – that financial definition of success is long gone – but I’m about deciding to stay home with Mae because she’s sick and not having to answer to anyone. That’s success to me. •

You are obviously very busy, how do you cope and manage to juggle it all?
Not very well but I have a really nice husband who does a lot of the Mother Pukka stuff. He’s a journalist and copywriter too. •

What’s the best piece of advice you've been given?
It was from my best mate’s Mum: “If you need to shut the door on a hollering child and have a cup of tea, do it, that’s fine. Everyone will survive.” •

What’s your biggest life lesson?
To invest in people. To listen to people and to not think you’re above anyone or below anyone – that you’re just right there in the middle doing your thing. Whatever that thing is.

Photo: Emily Gray Photography

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